Top 10 Most Popular Logos

A logo is an icon that gives identity to a particular brand or company. They make logos to be distinct and memorable, so the audience will not forget them. It is essential to create a unique logo since they are the face of your business, the one that makes your brand stand out. So if people instantly recognize your logo in just one look, that is when you will know that your brand is doing well. 

There are a lot of logos all around the globe. However, not all of them are popular and recognizable to people. Read on to see the top 10 most famous brand logos in the world. blue-background-phones-with-the-word-SOCIAL-icons-of-famous-apps


  1. Apple- Apple’s logo is undoubtedly one of the most well-known logos in the world. Others claim that the tale of Adam and Eve inspired the creation of this logo. However, some people believe that Alan Turning, the person who created the base of the modern computer who committed suicide by biting an apple infused with cyanide, inspired this logo. No one knows whether these claims are correct. But Rob Janoff, Apple’s logo designer, said they placed a bite in the apple in their logo, fearing that the apple might look like a cherry when it’s made small. The Apple logo is very recognizable to consumers who like them and those who do not. Its popularity has also heightened because of the rise of the number of buyers of Apple products. 
  2. Nike- That edgy checkmark is undoubtedly easy to recognize for most people all over the world. Seeing a swooshy checkmark would make you think instantly of the brand Nike. They created their logo back in 1971 by a graphic design student named Carolyn Davidson. They paid her 35 dollars for designing this logo. After the logo became a well-known and worldwide success, Davidson received abundant gifts from the brand as a sign of gratitude for creating an excellent and impactful logo. This iconic brand emblem is simple yet easy to decipher what Nike is all about. 
  3. Google- This logo is one of the most famous logos globally that people can see on their screens all the time. Google’s logo embodies innovation and creativity. Their logo consists of the primary colors, but you will notice that the letter “L” is a secondary color. It put out a message that the brand is unique and out of the box. Over the years, Google made subtle changes in colors and fonts and transformed their emblem to a more modernized look. In conclusion, Google also uses different versions of its logo to show the current events happening worldwide. 
  4. McDonald’s- Everyone would instantly recognize the golden “M” or the golden arches. This elegant-looking yet straightforward logo is also known worldwide. The early architecture of McDonald’s inspired the creation of this logo; Eventually, they incorporated it into their branding. 
  5. Starbucks- Who would not recognize the green logo with a mermaid on it? They created Starbucks’ logo in 1971, and from there, it evolved up to the logo that we all know today. From a siren in a brown background, the brand changed its background into the green. Later on, Starbucks took out their name on the logo, but they can still be easily recognizable among people. 


  1. FedEx- FedEx’s logo can be easily recognizable to people. This shipping & delivery services company gained a lot of popularity because of its simple yet memorable logo. In the company’s emblem, you will see a hidden symbol of an arrow between the letters “E” and “X.” This conveys the brand’s fast and reliable service. 
  2. Pepsi- This company underwent a lot of changes in its logo. Nevertheless, people would still recognize Pepsi’s iconic emblem. The blue, white, and red colors and the scripted font would show up on your screen, and you would immediately think of this famous cola brand. Pepsi’s logo was said to represent the Earth, human body, Pythagoras, etc. Despite this, the logo remains iconic and well-known to the mass. 
  3. Mercedes Benz- This company’s logo has been around for over a century but still managed to stay on its original design. Mercedes Benz first introduced the star on its logo in 1909, and up till now, it’s still the main element of their logo. The star on their emblem represents the company’s supremacy over land, sea, and air. 
  4. Coca-Cola- The brand Coca-Cola is one of the most valuable brands in the world. It is why the brand’s logo is famous among people. The brand has tweaked the script on its logo slightly over the years, but it remains consistent. Associating their brand with happiness, Coca-Cola and its emblem undoubtedly are timeless. 
  5. Microsoft- One of the most famous logos would probably be Microsoft’s four-square logo. The four-paned window in different colors also promotes the company’s Windows software product. With just a simple and powerful logo, Microsoft made its identity all over the globe.