What Are The Top SaaS Businesses and Their Logos?

Software as a service or SaaS is a cloud-based application service for which the users pay  a subscription basis. The utilization of SaaS applications had witnessed a huge increase in the past couple of years. Today, accounting, marketing, human resources, and all other fields use such applications along with their features. Studies show that the adoption of SaaS is only destined to increase in the future. So, let’s take a look at some of the top SaaS businesses in the market today. Meanwhile, you can also check out the link to learn more about the lie Detector Test.



Initially, Adobe was founded and was later recognized as a company that offered licensed software products. In simple words, buyers would purchase a license in order to use their products. However, the company has been slowly transitioning to the SaaS business model since 2012.

That same year, Adobe converted its Creative Suite to a cloud-based subscription service called the Adobe Creative Cloud. The program contains all the tools required by designers. Following the launch, Adobe has stepped up its game by introducing some of the best saas software including the Adobe Experience platform, which is extremely popular. 

The move has brought so much success to the company that it announced revenue of SaaS $11.6 billion out of its total revenue of $13 billion. 



Atlassian is amongst the best saas software companies to choose from. It is a pioneer provider of collaboration tools for distributed and remote teams. Its products specialize in security use cases, project management requirements, core product development, and IT services. 

In addition to that, the company also integrates a wide variety of third-party products that can easily be accessed from the Atlassian marketplace. Atlassian aims to target companies of any size. It maybe an organization of mere individuals or more. 

However, a chief feature differentiating Atlassian from its competitors is that it is focused mostly on technology companies. Since the company offers several products such as Confluence, Trello, and Jira, the prices vary as well.


Founded in 2010, Freshworks is a SaaS company that provides end-to-end business solutions for small to mid-sized organizations. It offers its customers all the tools needed for employee and customer engagement including IT service management tools and customer service chatbots etc. 

Additionally, it is also amongst the first saas software companies to possess homegrown AI capabilities. When compared to other SaaS businesses, Freshworks has a straightforward business model. The company focuses on nine key products including Freshcaller, Freshservice, Freshteam, etc. 

Freshworks is a popular option amongst small companies that are looking to abandon and transform their paper processes. As a result, the company plans to expand its outreach by introducing newer products in the future.



Although Google is not a SaaS-only provider but its cloud-based products have achieved immense popularity and traction over the years. Such is the success of its products that it is hard for competitors to compete. For instance, Google recently rebranded its older G-Suite branding as Google Workspace. 

The company unified all the tools needed and gave the application a distinct SaaS flavor. Today, if you analyze Google’s success especially when it comes to SaaS offerings, it does not come as a surprise since the company identified and began working on the cloud applications way before its competitors did. 

As a result, the company has been able to target both regular and business users. While it offers extremely affordable to premium packages, it also caters to B2C customers.




There is hardly anyone who does not recognize Microsoft as the company behind the Windows operating system. What most people are not aware of is that the company has made rapid movements in the Saas world over the past couple of years. 

Initially, Microsoft offered licensed-based productivity apps that are now available under the Microsoft 365 suite. This does not only include tools like Excel, Word, and Outlook, etc. but also SaaS products like SharePoint and Teams. 

Furthermore, Microsoft has considered individual users as well as organizations while developing SaaS products aimed towards professional operations and personal productivity. Existing companies that use Windows can easily access and use the SaaS tools and applications offered by Microsoft since compatibility is ideal. 



SalesForce is a company that specializes in SaaS only. It offers SalesForce to different industries like education, financial services, and consumer goods, etc. In addition to the product, SalesForce has offered a fair share in creating an inclusive, competitive, and rewarding work environment with the SaaS culture.

Moreover, SalesForce feature cutting-edge AI capabilities and Trailhead, which is a splendid learning and tutorial module. Today, the company provides an extremely comprehensive solution for sales team management needs and customer experience management. 


What-Are-The-Top-SaaS-Businesses-and-Their-Logos5The company targets its products towards large organizations and companies with targeted use in expense management, procurement, and field service management. Apart from the strategic acquisitions, SAP offers an end-to-end HR solution for talent development, recruitment, and employee engagement. 

With that being said, SAP is an ideal choice for distributed companies, large-scale organizations, and government agencies, etc.



Zoho is a suite of productivity enablers and business tools delivered using a SaaS model. Users can opt for independent solutions or a unified SaaS-based digital operating system called Zohe One. Zoho addresses workplace collaboration, HR Marketing, and IT service management. 

The biggest benefit of using Zoho is its deployment flexibility. You can use highly targeted apps like Zoho Survey to conduct online polls. Similarly, you can also manage files using Zoho Docs. Overall, the company has introduced an impressive list of SaaS apps that cater to every business need.

Final Word

The invention and introduction of SaaS have laid down a new way of doing business. With users saving a huge amount of money thanks to subscription plans, there isn’t a better option available today. These top SaaS companies are leading the way in terms of cutting-edge innovations and implementation of SaaS tools in all types of organizations and companies. Meaning that the digital transformation will only get better in the future.