What is a Combination Mark

If you want to make your business or brand more fancy and appealing, all you want to do is to create a nice logo. You can either create the logo yourself or hire a virtual assistant to do the job. Creating a logo comes in different forms; each of these has a special way of introducing your brand to the public. One type of logo is called the combination mark, which is a popular way to bring life to your product. And since we are going to tackle the combination mark, let us first look into the other details about logo-making for your brand or business. 

What Is A Logo? 

First and foremost, let us define the term “logo.” A Logo is an abbreviation of logotype, which means a graphic mark or symbol that can promote and identify your brand, business, and organization. 

So how do we make a  logo?  Here are some of the basic logotypes that we can use: 

  • Lettermark: This is a logo that only uses letters or initials of long company names, business names, or brand names that are difficult to mention. In such cases, a lettermark logo is used.  
  • Wordmark: As you may have seen, the wordmark typically uses the name of the brand, business, and organization. This logo could be the simplest logo approach to the public, considering it is easy to remember and simply spells out the name of the brand. 
  • Brandmark: This type of logo is completely different from the others. As you can notice, this logo uses a picture or an icon to showcase the brand image. It could be called a pictorial mark logo to represents their brand or business. 

What is a Combination Mark? 

Now that we already have a brief idea of the other types of logos let us look into the definition of the combination mark. From the word itself, a combination mark has to be a “combination” of two or more logotypes. In creating a combination mark, the graphics are using both text and symbol that represents a brand, business, or company organization. 

A combination mark is an excellent choice to use in creating a logo for your brand if you want to use texts that complement an icon or a picture. It gives the viewers a clear understanding of the company’s intentions and background. Seeing a combination mark offers viewers an insight into what the business is all about.

Furthermore, combination logos has a visual and significant aspect that tells the story behind what the company is representing. It is easy to identify and interpret the brand vision and background. 

How and When to use combination marks? 

So, as mentioned earlier, a combination mark is usually a text and symbol joined together to create a whole new image. 

In creating a combination mark, there are things needed to be considered so that you can come up with a logo that will symbolize your entire company or business. 

  • You must consider the right selection of symbols and text to clarify business intention. In addition to this, simplicity is key to make it more appealing. 
  • Be mindful of the shapes and other details of the symbol you are using. Ensure every inch could be seen clearly and does not have negative effects on the text or other characters. 
  • Your design must be in particular of the brand, business, or company that you are up to. 
  • The basic lines, words, colors, or every single element should complement the clarity of the brand.
  • The most important tip in creating a logo is the originality of the design. Being original values your brand creativity and shows that your intentions are purely business. Coming up with an original design also puts you on the safe side, which could prevent future problems, such as copyright infringement. 

In creating a logo, there is nothing to be worried about as long you think of designs that suit your company and brand purpose. Moreover, conceptualize styles that are appealing to the public; this would give them a feeling of excitement and curiosity, making them want to try your company product or services. Having a nicely-made logo for your business is a great way to make your brand known to the public, which is an important factor in doing a successful business.