What is a lettermark type logo?

Choosing the correct type of logo is crucial in any organization or business venture. First, one should know the different types of logos. There are seven common symbols: lettermark, wordmark, combination, brandmark, emblem and mascot.

What is logo?

There are two main categories of a logo; one consists of the name or initials of the company, while the second contains both the symbol and text. Logos represent a business or organization through a visual mark or image that can be easily remembered and understood.

Logos serve as the identity of an organization or company. It relays the brand essence of the group. Thus, there is a critical consideration of the design presentation. A logo isn’t directly intended to sell a company or product, but its sole purpose is to make the viewer remember the company based on the logo design.

What is lettermark logo?

A Lettermark logo is a type of logo made of letters. The initials or acronyms from which the organization or company draws relevant meaning. Abbreviations of a company’s name using the first letter of each word are the most common way of making a lettermark logo. Another term for lettermark type is monogram. Monograms can be a simple solution for lengthy names, condensing a bite-sized symbol that can make a brand memorable. 

When using a lettermark, using recognizable initials is recommended. While it is better to use the company’s full name and the danger of being forgettable or dull can be the downside of using a lettermarks logo, the key is to choose the correct font.

Lettermarks or monograms are by nature more compact than logos with the image. They look good in spaces, especially in squares. Since this type of logo relies mainly on text, focusing on a suitable typeface is essential.

Famous Lettermark Logos and the History Behind



H&M is short for “Hennes”, which is Swedish for “Hers”. It was the original name of the first shop that opened in Sweden in 1947.   Back then, the store only sold women’s apparel. “M” Stands for “Mauritz”, a formal name as Erling Persson acquired the store from Mauritz Widforss in 1968. Persson changed the hunting apparel and fishing gear shop from Hennes to “Hennes and Mauritz” and started selling men’s and children’s clothing too.



Lettermark draws its logo from initials. One of the famous watermark logos is HBO which primarily means Home Box Office. HBO’s logo mainly had been the same since May 1, 1975, with a simple lettermark.

HBO changed its design because the complete name did not appear in the logo anymore, while O didn’t obstruct B as it seemed before, which gave the impression that it was “E”. Eventually, the letters were redesigned to be slightly less bold.

Louis Vuitton


LV logo is one of the highest-ranked luxury brands in the world. Its logo is one of the most recognized brand symbols selling classically designed handbags for women. 

As Georges Vuitton took the company from his father, Louis Vuitton, after his death, he wanted to create a logo with a patent that set it apart from numerous other companies. He made a logo that is a hand-drawn typeface for the letter “V” overlapping the letter “L” and was said to be inspired by Roman fonts. 

Cartoon Network


American Media company Cartoon Network is famous among kids. After CN’s launching on October 1, 1992, its logo was used for marketing to cable operators and advertisers. 

The iconic logo of Cartoon Network featured a black and white 7×2 square grid with each letter set in Eagle bold. Its logo had gone through changes, and in 2010, the company decided to revamp its logo design using a bold monochrome font, keeping it simple and easy to remember.



The IBM logo has not changed since 1972. Its logo is considered one of the company’s most valuable assets as it is one of the most recognized corporate distinctiveness in the world. The black stripes have been drawn thicker than the white stripes, while the lines appear to be optically similar. The company requires the IBM logo to appear in every piece of official communication document.



Cable News Network, famous as CNN, is a leading American cable news channel with over 200 million subscribers. CNN’s logo earned its reputation for being timeless as it is widely known to be one of the most recognizable logos ever created.

The logo was conceptualized for only two days with a stand-alone letter mark of the channel’s initials. It has a rounded custom typeface alongside a globe icon. The red color symbolizes passion and courage while the white color stands for perfection, truth, authority and supremacy.

Final Thoughts

The logo generally refers to all the marks that represent your brand. The main goal is to grab the viewer’s attention, make a strong impression, and, most importantly, create an identity that separates the company or organization from the rest. It should communicate the brand value while being easily memorable.

A Logo is the first thing the audience will look for when they see any communication form from a brand. Designs matter, especially in creating a logo, it is the process that needs time, and changes are unavoidable as a logo undergoes revamping. It’s not easy, but it’s worth the effort.