Why Offer Gold for Your Next Fundraiser


At a time when donors are less open-handed as a result of a tough economic climate, and their willingness to commit to new products or services is curbed; it has become unsmilingly challenging for fundraisers to get by. The sting of the Great Recession can still be felt, can’t it? People don’t seem to give as much for fundraisers (maybe because they don’t have as much to give?)

Alas, it would seem like the spirit of charitable giving has shriveled up like a dead spider in the shadow of irreconcilable government debt, looming inflation, and short-tempered currencies. Boo, hiss.

Consumers and donors are still in a place of tightening their clasp on their finances, being cautious about how they spend, and spending shrewdly when they do. Do you suppose this is a change in spending habits that will quickly turn around?

And yet your fundraiser needs funds! You need to keep the lifeblood of your organization flowing, but who to look to in these trying times?

The last thing you want to have to do is to start cold calling (groan). Do you really enjoy asking your strapped, would-be sponsors for money over the phone?

But what else are you to do? Go to another mixer and grease palms like a used car salesman? How do you send off a successful fundraiser in the throes of an erratic economy, with so many people facing rising prices, treacherous currencies, and domestic budgets?

Okay, enough scarcity thinking. How about a better way?

How about cooking up fresh and unique ideas, whereby you give value first and in a form where your prospective supporters can benefit? (Novel idea, right?)

Yes, they are still interested in supporting causes they believe in. Many organizations have grown more discerning these days, however, so they won’t just buy into anything anymore. Be that as it may, there are a number of golden opportunities for fundraisers waiting to be leveraged to raise tremendous funds and rally the participation of your sponsors.

And speaking of gold…

Cash-for-Gold Fundraiser Events

Cash-for-gold fundraisers are an increasingly popular way to raise money that involves giving back and improving your sponsors’ wallets.

trade in gold jewelry and coinsFor the occasion, guests are invited to leave their wallets at home and to turn over their unwanted gold jewelry and ornaments for cash. They then get to take home cold, hard cash for their unwanted heirlooms. And the buyer or organization that you cooperate with will make a sizable donation to your cause, based on the value of the exchange.

These cash-for-gold events can be effective at quickly raising a generous amount of funds toward a specific goal, but be sparing with these types of fundraisers! Although the patrons of your worthy cause might be thrilled with the cash they get in return for flipping over their unwanted treasures, you may guess there is only so much they are willing to part with.

Still, there is another way to use gold as a catalyst in your fundraiser event and I bet this idea is more in line with the classy, sassy image you are trying to convey to your sponsors. As in, this next idea actually makes you look innovative and classy as opposed to—well—“pawn shop.” (There. I said it.)

Gold Bullion Cards: A Gold-Plated Idea for Branding Your Fundraiser

What better way to brand your organization and to make a distinctive impression than to prize your deserving supporters by rewarding them with 999.9 karats of pure-grade gold?

It is an exclusive way to show your appreciation for your sponsors and to brand your business, charity, or organization. Oh, and it’s also terribly cool.

Gold providers, like PAMP Suisse (Switzerland) and Karatbars International (Germany), supply pure currency-grade gold bullion embedded credit-sized cards for easy handling. More importantly, one of these companies, Karatbars, now allows you to create your own customized cards where your name, logo or other meaningful images may be placed alongside the highest-grade gold available on the market today.

What’s more, since you’re buying small amounts—1 gram, 2.5 grams or 5 gram bullion—these branded cards are an affordable and impressive leave-behind; a terrific way to say to your donors, “You are golden to us.”

How to Use Gold Bullion Cards at Fundraiser Events

Include Gold in Your Sponsor Packages

branded gold cardSo, how to use this marketing magic, right? A great way to use these branded cards is to include them as a sponsor benefit. Certain sponsorship levels would then earn them a gold card (or several gold cards for their executives, holiday gifts, etc.) depending on their level of participation in your fundraiser.

Decide on names for sponsorship levels, and the value in gold bullion that each will receive for their degree of support. For example, a top-tier “Platinum” or “Benefactor” may get a 5-gram gold card (or five 1-gram gold cards) in addition to promoting them to your audience and the other perks you offer your sponsors.

Add Gold to Your Silent Auction

Need more contributions to your silent auction? Likely. Try a gold card branded just for your event. You can even purchase a clear, plastic stand for a few bucks to enhance the presentation. Just make sure the write-up includes information on quality and weight. Most of your event attendees are unfamiliar with buying gold bullion, so your description will be part education, part sizzle.


Hopefully, you see how these types of incentives can be very effective at encouraging your sponsors’ participation in your fundraiser. You could even expand the use of these branded gold cards into other rewards, benefits, and prizes for both your supporters and your staff.

Gold is such a resilient and versatile resource. It has the potential to become the cornerstone and the hallmark of any fundraising initiative. Gold is an inflation- and bankrupt-proof medium that has stood the test of time for centuries.