Can Non-Profit Organizations Use Affiliate Programs?

Most non-profit organizations in today’s era use affiliate programs to gain money without relying too much on donations, as donors don’t actually appear every day to give money for the organization. In order to get money to fund projects and other causes, some organizations would sign up to affiliate programs, which can also benefit their affiliates since the goal of the programs is to spread links of the affiliate’s website on the organization’s website, thus increasing the exposure of the affiliate on the internet. But, are affiliate programs legal for non-profit organizations to sign up for or create? Let us find out as we dive into the intricacies of affiliate programs for non-profit organizations.

Is It Legal for Non-Profit Organizations to Have Affiliate Programs?

Before we get into the details surround the legality of affiliate programs for non-profit organizations, let us first discuss what actually an affiliate program is. An affiliate program is a process in business wherein a certain organization will able to get some profits or commission from other companies by promoting their website on the organization’s website. The promotion usually appears as links that will lead to the affiliate’s website. In addition, some promotions actually involve the selling of a specific product made by the affiliate, and for every product sold to a reader that clicked the link to the website, the organization will be able to get a commission from that product.

Now that we understand what an affiliate program is, is it actually legal for non-profit organizations to sign up for an affiliate program? The answer is YES; a non-profit organization can earn money from affiliate programs as long as the money earned is used for the cause of the organization or its projects. Many non-profit organizations, like churches, schools, and charity groups, are actually signed up in some of the biggest affiliate programs on the internet, with one being the Amazon Affiliate Program.

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Can A Non-Profit Organization Create an Affiliate Program?

Besides signing up for affiliate programs, a non-profit organization can also create one. How does this work? First, the non-profit organization can promote its affiliate program on their website, although it must also provide a sign-up form in order to make the joining process easier for affiliate marketers. The affiliates can sign up to the affiliate programs of the organization to promote its cause, and then the websites of those affiliates can add links that lead to the donation page of the organization.

Once a donor that came from the affiliate’s website donates money, the affiliate will then get a commission from that specific donation. For example, a donor gives $10 to the non-profit organization, and then about 5% to 10% of that money will be given to the affiliate for helping the organization get more donations. By setting up an affiliate program, you will be able to get more donations while also helping affiliates earn money.

Are Affiliate Programs Cheaper than Advertisements?

Affiliate programs are actually cheaper than online or land-based advertisements, as you will be able to promote the cause of your non-profit organization without spending money. However, the organization needs to share the donations they receive to their affiliates, as long as the donor came from an affiliate’s website.

Furthermore, any organization can set up an affiliate program for free, so you can basically call it free marketing or advertisement without actually paying for ads. Affiliate programs are a way for small companies and non-profit organizations to advertise their products and their cause without the need to spend too much money for promotions, as advertisements can often cause a lot, and the budget of these groups may not be enough to get decent advertisement.

Moreover, non-profit organizations can get more volunteers through affiliate programs since it expands their outreach, meaning that they are more visible on the internet because other websites are promoting their organization. So, in addition to donors, the organizations can also gain volunteers that are willing to do specific tasks in order to help the cause. These volunteers can edit webpages, monitor the website, write newsletters, plan meetings, spearhead projects, and more.

Affiliate programs for non profits provide plenty of benefits for non-profit organizations, as they can expand the outreach of the organization, get more volunteers, and give free advertisements through links on other websites, although the advertisements are not exactly free since you will have to give a portion of each donation to an affiliate if they are successful in leading readers to the organization’s website. With almost no investment needed to start an affiliate program, it is helpful for startup companies and non-profit organizations with no frequent donors to create a program or sign up for one in order to raise more money. As such, those that are struggling financially with their business or project should have an affiliate program to keep profits steady.