Google Analytics 2012 Report Templates (Some Assembly Required)

Marketing Ideas Google Analytics Report Templates

Thank you, Google.

Thank you for offering us such great value over the years. Thank you, especially, for Analytics. Google Analytics has been a mainstay in our statistical web traffic reporting for years! You were our main constant, Google. You made reporting on client website traffic easy to implement and automate. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Let’s talk about this new version of Google Analytics (G5) you’ve just blurted out onto the world. No doubt it’s powerful, but I’m wondering–for the love of all that’s holy–why did you put a three year old in charge of the roll-out?

For it must be a three year old at the wheel. Who else could take what was easy (automating scheduled emails of a single, complete web traffic report) and make it ridiculously painful and patchwork to pull together the same information and deliver it to a client?

Who else would send an entire industry scrambling to migrate all their clients’ reports to this same, disjointed cluster of reports?

Who else would miss migrating those email addresses and report schedules?

As a father of four children, I know a thing or two about three year olds and I can tell you none of my three year olds have known how to use Google Analytics. Apparently, neither does the Google project manager who spearheaded this effort, for he or she would have figured out how vital the delivery of these reports are to customers all over the world.

Alas, it is apparent the Google project manager who owns this worldwide debacle wasn’t terribly familiar with this part of the process. Or maybe their Google superiors were asking them to cut corners. Whatever the reason, between this and the ghost town that is Google+, I think Google may be losing their clue. Maybe they’ll get caught up again. I hope they do.

If you saw your traffic reports go away this week, we were warned it would happen. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing (ranting,) it appears there is no solid solution for getting the old, user-friendly reports automated again. Until that is developed, here are some of the “patchwork” reports I referred to earlier. Each has pieces of what you’re accustomed to seeing, but not all of what you were seeing. If you want to have these reports emailed to your inbox regularly, you now set this up on a dashboard-by-dashboard basis.

So, whereas you once received one succinct report delivered to your inbox, now you can receive four or five partial reports, all sent via separate emails. Clever!

I will update the following list of Google Analytics report templates as more become available. If you come across other report templates, PLEASE SHARE THEM IN THE COMMENTS!


(Andover IT)



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  1. Matt says

    Thought I was TOTALLY missing something with the new version of Analytics. Obviously not – it was Google this time. Thanks so much for the article and report configs.

    • says

      Matt, I thought the same thing. I looked and looked, thinking, “It must be here.. Google knows what they’re doing.. right?” Glad I could help bring you some peace on the matter!

    • says

      Matt, I thought the same thing. I looked and looked, thinking, “It must be here.. Google knows what they’re doing.. right?” Glad I could help bring you some peace on the matter!

  2. says

    Yes, Google definitely f*$cked up on this one. I too thought I was doing something wrong but apparently not. As web developers, marketing managers and project managers, we deal with multiple loads of clients on one account and it makes absolutely no sense that Google would make something so confusing and time-wasting as they have. Why change what worked in the first place? I mean in the respect to simplicity and user-interface. We need to get in, do our thing and get out. Not spend hours upon hours trying to figure out the mess they’ve created or now the need to customize individual client dashboards for reporting on a one by one basis. Google, your new approach is just absolute non-sense!

    • says

       Lymon, I am seeing a couple recent updates to the Google Analytics platform. For one, now you can click to see all the current numbers for your multiple Analytics profiles (like you used to be able to do without needing to click anywhere.) Also, it seems Google is trying to set things up so you can knit the multiple reports together into the same email. This is an improvement over multiple emails, of course, though it still falls short of one succinct PDF. Still, it’s progress! Soon we’ll be back to Square One!

  3. says

    Thank you for those instant report configurations, doesn’t get much easier than this! Just installed a variety of these across 10 accounts I manage – you just saved me a ton of time. Thanks!!

  4. Owen Prescott says

    Thanks for the dashboards, it is possible someone could send me a dashboard that handles an art & design portfolio website? I do not sell anything, I am mainly focused on keywords and website performance. 

    • says

      Thanks for writing! For an art portfolio site, I would recommend the “basic blog dashboard” from the list above. It shows you your most popular pages, your top traffic conduits and your top keywords.

      While I still haven’t seen a single Google Analytics report from the new system that is as strong as the old report, Google has at least taken steps to allow you to piece-meal things into a single email.

      Your best bet is to set up a couple weekly reports to help you keep an eye on things, and log into GA when you want more in-depth answers to your traffic questions.

      Does that help?

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