Tips to Grow Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Tips for brand awareness through social media might feel a bit retro right now. However, the truth is that many brands struggle to stand out. 

With more than 3 billion expected consumers of social media in 2021 and Sprout’s 2018 Social Index highlighting brand awareness as a top marketing priority, the struggle to stand out perhaps is not much of a surprise. 

Getting brand awareness through the engagement and audience is easier said than done, especially for service-orientated brands. 

Given the modern competitive landscape of marketing, we are here to lend a helping hand. After all, social media isn’t social if you are just an unknown face in the crowd. So, let’s see how you can grow your brand’s awareness through social media strategically!

But before we get to that part, you might want to know what brand awareness truly is and why you should care for it.

What is Brand Awareness?

Image of white letters arranged to display the word brand.

Brand awareness refers to people being aware of your company’s logo, services, and products. It is an all-encompassing term for how well-informed people are of your brand. 

It is imperative in marketing because if your targeted demographic remembers you, they’re more likely to purchase from you against your competitors they do not know. It is often seen as the first stage of a marketing funnel, leading to research and sales! 

With an average internet user spending more than six hours a day on it, you shouldn’t be surprised if someone recommends digital marketing! Not only can it create awareness amongst your regional target audience, but you can also find success beyond the borders. 

Tips For Growing Brand Awareness Through Social Media Marketing

To stay on top of the game, utilize the following social media marketing strategies to create brand awareness! 

1. Choose The Right Platform

Image of a pile of 3D logos of popular social media platforms.

With tens of social media platforms out there, choosing one for your online presence is one essential decision. Remember that more users do not automatically mean more sales or more brand awareness. You have to find the right fit based on the numbers of your target audience at each. Furthermore, we also recommend analyzing the weaknesses and strengths of each platform. To get started, scour through the demographics of a platform’s active user base. Then, contemplate over user-friendliness of the application for your brand. Start slowly and then build a handle on more than one! 

Below are five popular social media platforms to consider first: 

  • Facebook. To this date, Facebook remains the world’s largest social media network, with approximately 2.23 billion monthly active users in 2018. Its advertising industry offers affordable ranges for brands of all kinds and sizes, making it a good entry point for brand awareness. 
  • Twitter. If your brand is all about communications and sparking witty conversations, you might want to thank Twitter for existing. People can easily interact with your brand by tweeting. We highly recommend setting up your customer service handle on Twitter for brand awareness.
  • Instagram. It is another promising platform. It allows for a visual representation, and it is a perfect fit if your brand deals in clothing lines, accessories, or the product industry. You can give your brand a touch of its original persona and be creative with your marketing. 
  • Pinterest. It is a great visual library to promote your ideas. From DIY crafts to paintings and quotes and whatnot, it is highly efficient in boosting brand awareness. 
  • LinkedIn. If you have a B2B brand, this one for you. LinkedIn is a professional site for networking connections. You can also connect with professionals that are successful in your fields and ventures! 

2. Invest in Authentic and High-Quality Content Creation

Image of a male social media marketer.

With every brand hopping on social media, you require authentic and high-quality content to thrive. Make sure your content is engaging and relevant. 

Use compelling words and visuals. Think out of the box and get creative! You may invest in content creators or ready-made templates.

3. Give Your Social Media Handle a Persona 

Image of app themes.

Brand personalities are an indispensable part of a solid social media marketing strategy for brand awareness. So, work on your brand persona and give it its authentic voice. Put a theme of colors together for your audience to have a vibe and voice! You can go for a flexible one if your target audience is broad. You may also consider using different social media platforms for different demographics! Check this website to buy social interactions.

4. Collaborate with Influencers 

Image of an influencer recording a video.

Collaborate with influencers to boost your brand awareness via social media. In the most basic form, influencer marketing is celebrities promoting your brand on their handles. Instagram is the most effective platform for this marketing as per a staggering 78% of influencers. Collaborations with influencers can increase your reach, invite new customers, and amplify your brand awareness.

5. Post at Peak Times Regularly 

Image of a woman liking a post in her car.

A lack of active presence will kill your branding efforts for awareness. Therefore, it is essential to stay on track and post regularly. You may use scheduling tools and make timelines to post at least thrice a week. An active brand has higher visibility. Try posting at peak times to top up your brand awareness momentum. Peak times are when your target audience is the most active on your social media platform. Hence, post at peak times regularly, and don’t let your followers forget you! 

6. Create Shareable Posts

Image of a group holding thought bubbles.

Create shareable posts so your target audience can amplify the momentum of your brand awareness as well. It will help you build an organic audience in times of pesky algorithm changes. Infographics tend to be the most shared posts. They are engaging, easy to process, and fun to read than long-form articles or blogs. Therefore, create infographics with compelling visuals. Don’t forget witty captions in the wake of gen z!

7. Consider a Referral Program

Picture of a laptop with a marketing webpage.

According to statistical analysis, 49% of consumers in America say that their circles were top sources of brand awareness. You can use this coveted word-of-mouth marketing through referral programs. Let your loyal customers be your best advocates. It will increase your reach and brand awareness.  

As people get a certain percentage off your product, your customer satisfaction rates will elevate too.  

8. Interact with Your Audience

Image depicting interaction.

Interacting with your audience is imperative for a successful brand awareness strategy. However, this does not mean you reply to their queries in comments or messages. Try initiating conversations by telling stories or sharing polls. Ask for comments on trending topics or relevant things to keep your audience in the loop. We recommend using emotional elements and a compelling brand personality. 

Be more conversational than stern. Don’t feel shy to use emojis, native language, trending hashtags, and native slang. You may even set up surveys to get to know your audience better. However, make sure you stay reasonable by not disrespecting or marginalizing certain groups

9. Benefit Off Trends

Drawing of a chart trend.

There is always a topic trending on social media platforms. You may benefit from them by connecting your content to them. However, do not hope to utilize every trend. Be reasonable, respectful, and creative with your decisions. 

10. Harness the Power of Sponsored Presence, SEO, and Hashtags

Image of a paper saying digital marketing.

First things first, go for sponsored content advertising on social media platforms if you can afford it. These packages are often affordable and help increase your reach. 

You should also SEO your content on social media. Search Engine Optimization may be intimidating first, but it is vital to implement for brand awareness. You have to use keywords that users use to find products or services under your brand domain. 

Lastly, use the power of hashtags for amplifying your brand presence. Hashtags make your brand handle searchable. We recommend using niche tags. You may also consider creating your authentic one for a creative stance. It’ll help you reinforce your identity, increase organic traffic, and encourage engagement with potential customers.  

The Bottomline

Social media marketing can help with brand awareness. There are several tips and tricks to make it a success. With our top 10 tips above, increase your brand awareness and amplify your conversion rates today!