Marketing Tips Moving Companies Need To Know

If you own a cross country moving company, there will be times when you have a lull in your business. You might also find that you are losing out to other movers and want to reverse this trend. To do this, you need to market your company correctly, and these marketing tips can help.

Expand Your Marketing

Expanding your marketing is something that you have to look at, particularly in the slower months. This might seem strange as fewer people are looking for your services at certain times of the year. However, this is why you need to expand during slow periods.

With fewer potential clients in your area looking for cross country moving, you have to spread out to find more potential clients. Increasing your exposure to the market of potential clients will increase your chances of boosting your business during these times. Once you have expanded your marketing, you will also have a larger market area, which helps keep you busy throughout the year.

Refocus Your Marketing

The focus of your marketing should be looked at, and you need to ensure that you are focusing on performance advertising. Performance advertising will be better on your marketing budget as you only pay for leads that click through to your website. Impression marketing will cost more in the long-term, and you will not get the same ROI.

When refocusing your marketing, you should consider the traditional marketing channels you are using. The audience you find with conventional marketing will not change from one month to the next, which makes your marketing ineffective at certain times of the year. While you do not have to get rid of all your traditional marketing, you should shift some of your budget to digital marketing for your cross country moving company.

There are a lot of different digital marketing channels that you can tap into, which benefit your long distance moving business. Paid search advertising is one that you should focus on, such as Google Ad words. Digital marketing is more targeted, and you are more likely to land in front of an audience that needs your moving services right now.

Focus On Follow-Ups

There is no point in having marketing that gets leads to your website if they die at this point. You need to have an effective follow-up system as part of your marketing strategy. If someone contacts you through your website, you need to get back to them as quickly as possible.

A study by the Harvard Business Review found that businesses that followed up on customer contact within an hour were seven times more likely to convert the lead to a paying customer. This s compared to companies that follow up an hour later. These fast companies will also be 60 times more likely to convert the lead than those that wait 24 hours or more.

If you are wondering how you can incorporate fast follow up into your marketing, you need to look at your marketing process. When a lead contacts you through any marketing channel, who does this go to, and how are they alerted to the communication? If you cannot easily answer this question, you have a problem and need to address this. All leads should land in front of someone who can follow up as soon as possible.

Contact Current Customers

A lot of long distance moving companies forget about the clients they had in the past. In one way, this does make sense as they have moved and no longer require your services. However, happy past customers can be the best source of new customers through word of mouth marketing.

You need to take the time to contact your past customers and see if they need anything. While many of them will not, contacting them will ensure they remember you if they are asked for any recommendations. You should also look at exclusive offers for existing and past customers only.

If the customer does not need your services, you should consider a referral bonus. Many of the people you have worked for will have friends or family who need your services. By offering them a bonus, you are providing an incentive for them to refer you.

There are many marketing tips that moving companies need to know about. Expanding your marketing is important, particularly in slow periods. You should also remember your past customers and get in touch with them.