Sites to Find Free Logo Templates

Most designers would tell you that it is difficult to design a logo, and it is much harder for those without any experience of designing one. Its difficulty is not attributed to its creation, but for its purpose, as it serves as the most important part of a business. The logo is essential for businesses because it serves as their “representation” in the market, and most consumers would often judge a brand based on how appealing and interesting its logo is. So, because it is crucial for a business to have one, the logo is usually created first before any business strategies are planned.

While some business owners hire designers to create logos for them, there are some people that can’t afford hiring designers due to budget concerns. Luckily, if you are one of those with a tight budget, there are dozens of websites you can visit on the internet that will provide you with free logo templates. Of course, you would have to design your own logo using these templates, but compared to paying for a designer, using these templates and designing a logo yourself is a good deal. However, there are only a few websites that are considered to have the best logo templates. So, to help you know which websites those are, here is a list of the best sites to find free logo templates.


Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker is regarded as one of the best websites for free logo templates, as it will be able to provide you with the types of logos that you need by just answering a quick survey. After answering the survey at the beginning, the Wix database will automatically show you compatible logos based on the answers you’ve given. Once you select a specific logo, you are then able to customize that logo by changing its font style, font size, colors, and text. When you’re done designing your logo, you can download it for free without any hidden charges. In addition, the right to own the logo is also given to you, so Wix doesn’t have rights for it even if the template came from the website.


Canva is another popular website where you can get logo templates for free, although it features templates that can be used for more than just logos. Canva has a gallery that provides free templates for invitations, flyers, business cards, and even social media posts, and you can download these templates as a JPG, PDF, or PNG file once you are finished customizing them. Furthermore, Canva also features paid templates that have a more premium quality than the free versions, and signing up for the website’s premium plan isn’t actually that expensive. Besides using their templates, Canva allows you to use your own image and transform it as a logo or use it for other printed items.


Ucraft is a website that allows you to download a high resolution version of your customized logo for free, which is a paid feature for some of the websites that provide logo templates. Also, Ucraft is not just a logo template website, as it is also provides a service that enables you to create your own website and use the logo you customized automatically on it. So, Ucraft is actually like WordPress since it is also a website builder, but it gives you with plenty of features to start your online business automatically. Since it is a website builder, Ucraft has a free cloud hosting or database where you can store multiple files (mainly images) that you will soon use for your website. Included in those saved files are the logos that you’ve made using Ucraft’s logo templates. If you want to use the logo outside you website, you can download a PNG file of the logo and print it for free.

Logo Maker

Logo Maker is a “legend” in the logo industry, since it has been making logos for users for more than a decade, and some of those users own businesses that became successful for many years. Logo Maker allows you to create and customize dozens of logos, and you will be able to save your creations on your account using the website’s database. However, you would have to pay for the final design of your logo and download it, so it is not technically free. You are free from designing a logo multiple times, but you cannot download it without paying the website. The positive aspect of this payment feature is that Logo Maker actually provides one of the best services and templates for the user, so the money you pay for the logo is justifiable.


Squarespace is becoming more and more popular nowadays because of its modern features that will provide users not only with a logo, but a website that they can run for their business. Using the website’s free online logo maker, you can create and customize your own logo by using Squarespace’s gallery of logo and icon templates. Unfortunately, if you want to download a high quality version of your customized logo, you would need to pay Squarespace $10. But, you can also sign up for a premium membership on the website so that you can download logos or icons for free.

These are five of the best websites where you can get free logo templates. There are more free logo template websites that you can find online, but if you don’t want the hassle of searching for another website, you can just choose one or two of the sites mentioned above and see which one can produce the best template for your business’ logo.