Tips for Hiring a Logo Designer

The logo is considered an essential part of the business since it is supposed to represent your brand to any consumers that don’t know anything about your products or services. With just looking at the company’s logo, many consumers would already judge if your business is good enough for them, which is why the logo should have an appealing design that will make it memorable and recognizable.


If you are thinking about designing your company’s logo on your own, you would find out eventually that logo designing can be quite difficult, especially if you don’t have the expertise to do it. Hiring a logo designer would arguably be the best move for your brand to get the best logo, as he or she has the knowledge and ability to create a logo that will stand out among the rest. However, hiring a designer on the fly isn’t recommended, as there are several things that you should need to know before getting someone to design the most important artwork of your business. Here are some tips for hiring a logo designer.

Specify your Needs, Preferences, and Requirements

Before hiring a designer, you would need to know first how your logo should look like. Having an idea for the logo that you want is great, as the tasks will become much easier for the designer and also for you, since it would take less time to design the logo and you wouldn’t have to wait for it long enough before you can launch your business.

While you may have an idea on what you logo is supposed to look like, it is actually difficult if you are alone in making that logo a reality, which is why you need a logo designer to give you the best result out of your idea. If you are going to place an ad for hiring a designer, make sure that you include your preferences and requirements on the logo in the ad’s description, so that the designers that will apply for the job will have an idea on what you are looking for.

Check the Designer’s Portfolio

If there are multiple designers that applied for the job, it is important for you to take a look at each applicant’s portfolio to know which of them is suitable for the job. Looking at their portfolio would give you a better idea on the types and styles of logos that they create for other companies or for their own, and it is through reviewing their portfolio that you would have an idea on who will give you the best results in your logo preferences and requirements.

Most designers would often have their “signature” style of designing logos and artworks, so you would need to know if their style would suit your ideas in creating your brand’s logo. By combining your ideas with the designer’s signature style, you may be able to make a logo that is both unique and flashy.

Know the Cost of the Project

After hiring a designer, you should be able to estimate the project cost. Of course, if the designer is experienced, he or she might demand a specific salary for the project, although you would still have the final say on the matter. You can talk about the cost of the project with the designer and agree on the final estimate before starting the project.

For estimating the project cost, you should remember to prioritize the quality of the logo instead of finding a cheaper cost for the project. Most experienced designers wouldn’t accept a cheap project cost, and it is justifiable given how much research, time, and brainstorming they need to give the finished product. You should provide the best for your designer if you want the logo to look the best.

Set a Meeting with the Designer

Besides talking about the cost of the project, you and the designer should have a meeting that will discuss the intricacies of the brand. In the conversation, you can say more about the mission and vision of your business, as well as your target audience. By knowing the details regarding your brand, the designer will have a better idea of how to represent the business through the logo.

Having a meeting about several details of the brand also allows the designer to spend less time on research and more time on actually designing the logo. The designer will save more time since you have already provided him or her with all that is needed to understand your business.

Create a Timeline

A timeline enables you to know when the project will end and if you have time to do other tasks on the business besides waiting for the designer to send the final draft. You can create a deadline on when the designer can send the logo, and then you can schedule other days for planning marketing or business strategies while waiting for the designer.

There will be times where the logo may not be sent on the estimated delivery date, and that is fine, especially if you are adding input or feedback to the design each time the designer sends a draft. Be sure to fill out your work days with tasks so that the business would still continue to operate even without a logo.

These tips will surely help you in knowing the details of hiring a logo designer, which is not an easy task given the intricacies of logo designing that were mentioned above. Make sure that you know how the hired designer operates by looking at their portfolio and checking up on their progress every now and then.