Sites to Find Free WordPress Templates

Many business owners use WordPress to create their company’s website, as WordPress is often regarded as the easiest to use and the most convenient to edit and upgrade out of all content management systems available online. In addition to having an easy-to-use UI (user interface), WordPress also allows third-party templates if you do not like their default themes or if the themes don’t match the overall style of your brand. You should also consider determining your brand archetype as well.  There are dozens of different websites that offer free and paid templates for WordPress, but there are only a few that are considered the best at providing great themes or templates for bloggers and business owners. Here are some of the best sites where you can find free WordPress templates.



OceanWP is regarded as the best website for companies to get WordPress themes, as it has plenty of features that are actually useful for businesses, like a built-in SEO base, an eCommerce Ready system, and reliable customer service that will help you if there are any problems in your website. Its eCommerce is powered by WooCommerce, another website that provide themes and eCommerce services for business. So, by getting a website through OceanWP, you are basically getting the features of both WooCommerce and OceanWP.


Themeisle is another popular website where you can get WordPress themes, although they currently offer just two themes, which are Neve and Hestia. These two themes are considered to be great platforms for businesses, especially Hestia, as it features a one-page theme that covers all that is needed to be seen by the consumer to know more about the business and its products or services. The other theme, Neve, is perfect for businesses that want to make their website mobile-friendly for customers that order products more on their phone rather than on their computer.

Out The Box Themes

Out The Box Theme offers more premium themes for users that are willing to pay at $25 per theme, but they also offer a free theme called North Shore for people that want to try the features that they provide.  All of the themes created by Out The Box are fully responsive, which makes them versatile and suitable for viewing through different devices like laptops and smartphone. In addition, the theme also feature clear coding, meaning that you will have an easier time using HTML and CSS on your website if you want to customize the look of a specific page. Also, the North Shore theme is plugin-ready, so you can use any plugins that you have saved on WordPress to make your website fully customizable.

Theme Vision

Theme Vision offers two types of themes, Fury and Agama, with the former having two versions while the latter have three versions. The Fury theme is the simpler type out of the two, as it offers basic services and features found in most themes. On the other hand, the Agama is more focused on business websites, as it features WooCommerce compatibility, and SEO-friendly system, and a Bootstrap 4 framework. As mentioned previously, there are three versions of the Agama, with the one being the Agama Blue, a simpler theme made for beginners. The second version is the free Agama theme, while the other is a premium theme that is priced at $49 to $69 depending on the features and the plugins you would look to add.

Kadence WP

Kadence WP offers both free and premium themes for WordPress users, including their own Kadence theme, but their most popular on from their line of free themes is Ascend, a beginner-friendly theme that contains features that are usually found in premium themes, such as an advanced page builder and an easy demo import. Much like the best free themes that you can find online, the Ascend theme features a responsive design that makes it versatile for smartphones and computers, and the theme also works with plugins to make it more customizable.

Acme Themes

Acme Themes is another website that provides premium and free themes in WordPress, but their most well-known free theme is Prolific, as simple WordPress theme that is flexible, versatile, and functional for businesses. The Prolific theme is built for business, as it features a compatible WooCommerce system and cross browser compatibility so that the website can be seen through different web browsers on computers and smartphones. Furthermore, the Prolific theme also has a one-page menu so that you can easily edit or customize your website without the hassle of finding the menu for editing.

Those are just six of the best website where you can get great WordPress themes that are free to download and use for your website. Of course, the premium themes would offer more features that are helpful to make your business’s website more customizable, but if you are just starting to get a hang of editing themes and pages, then the free themes would still be sufficient for your brand.