10 Most Iconic Combination Mark Logos

Combination marks are the widely used logotype of successful businesses and brands in the world. Out of the top 100 successful companies, 61 of them utilize this logo design. It is a graphic that includes both text and a symbol. The concept of minimalism in a symbol and name that reflects your company’s goal is the basic principle that is at play.

Combination marks comprise the intricate uses of both letters, words, typeface, and symbols in logo creation.  The wise use of an eye-catching image and a striking name creates a story for people to identify your business. So, if you need guidance in logo creation you may gain more information about what a combination mark is because statistics show that more than 60 percent of famous logos worldwide are combination marks.

1. Microsoft

There is no mistaking the Microsoft logo. The four colorful windowpane stands as a perpetual symbol for innovation in technology through its operating system that allows people access to the world of technology through something called “Windows.” It was in 2012 when Bill Gates and Paul Allen decided to do a drastic change to the usually bland older version of the logo using typeface and hues of black. Microsoft incurred no expense in the upgrading of the logo because inside employees did the job. This combination logo represents the second richest company with a market capitalization index of 2.211 trillion USD.

2. Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is a petroleum and natural gas firm whose roots can be traced as far back as the 1920s. Its powerful emblem devices the presence of a star created through meticulous arrangements of dots and vivid colors of the blue sky and green earth creatively crafted in a triangular display of the inside of a square icon with solid yet friendly lower-case typography of the word “aramco”. This iconic symbol represents the third richest company with a market index of 1.987 trillion USD. 

3. Amazon


The amazing DUO of black “amazon” typeface with the combination of the yellow arrow that stretches from a-z creates an original version of a smile that only amazon can give. The word amazon means “massive” coupled with the yellow arrow which means “smile” results in a positive portrayal of the business logo. Amazon is super focused on positive customer service with its massive selling of everything from a-z. This iconic emblem marks a 1.56 trillion USD market capitalization index and houses the second richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos. 

4. Tesla

Automobile brand Tesla’s name originate from Nikola Tesla, an experimenter and physicist who discovered alternating current and predicted its wide application in engineering and technology. Tesla’s logo is positively amusing because of the many questions that surround it. Take for example it is asked if it represents a woman’s uterus, another is if it resembles a cat’s nose. The latter being personally acknowledged by Elon Musk himself comprises some truths in the aspect where it symbolizes the deep and intuitive beginning of the company. The stylized “T” represents a shield to denote the company’s aim to bring optimum safety to its end users. The vowels “E” and “A” depict a symbology where the empty spaces hint at magnetic fields in the electric motor, interacting to create torque. Tesla’s logo raises the banner of its market index value at 872.9 billion USD and the expensive fact that it is where the richest man in the world belongs. 

5. Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg picked blue for the social media network’s logo because he happens to have deuteranopia which is color blindness to red, and green. Blue is the most prominent color for him in the spectrum hence he chose to make this the primary brand color of Facebook until today. The combination of blue and white evokes an even stronger sense of purity and youth, inspiring one to pursue greater goals. It also expresses optimism and determination. The white lower case “f” on a blue background is a widely known symbol of Facebook which carries a heavy weight of 627.69 billion USD market index worldwide and embraces one of the richest men in the world.

6. BMW


The BMW emblem’s colors reveal its meaning right away: white and blue are the colors of Bavaria, BMW’s home state in Germany. A spinning airplane propeller is seen in a 1929 BMW advertisement, complete with the four colored quadrants. The BMW logo heralds the third rank of the top 20 car brands in the world with a net worth of 24.8 billion USD in 2021. 

7. Burger King

The logo was updated to a bold, minimalist declaration in a unique sans-serif typeface with uneven letter edges. It was a simple logotype with no additional embellishments that served as the brand’s sign for three years. The world is represented by the round blue circle, which signifies Burger King’s global presence. The blue circle depicts that a Burger King may be found anywhere in the world. The swoosh at the circle’s end invites customers to come in and try Burger King’s food. In 2021, its logo indicates a net worth of $1.02 billion USD.

8. Stella Artois

Talking about classics, the Stella Artois combination mark is a time-tested logo that dates more than 600 years ago. The Stella Artois color scheme is elegant and classic. It is made up of the colors white, gold, black, and red. The dominating color is white, with the other colors serving as accents. The four Stella Artois colors represent elegance and beauty. The Friz Quadrata sans serif is the basis for the bold bespoke Stella Artois typeface. The original horn logo has remained unchanged despite several changes in management over hundreds of years. The same horn that was formerly called tourists in Belgium can still be seen on the modern Stella Artois label. Other most iconic business logos dates back to the 1960s but this beer brand is the most vintage of them all. 

9. Adidas 

The performance logo, designed by creative director Peter Moore in 1990, was first used on the company’s Equipment line of sporting equipment. The three stripes are reminiscent of those found on early Adidas sports shoes, but they also resemble the contour of a mountain, symbolizing the difficulties that athletes encounter. When the company began producing apparel in 1971, it updated its emblem to the now-iconic trefoil. This trefoil logo is made up of three football shapes grouped in a curved pattern on the bottom. This throwback from the 1970s is now part of the Adidas Originals brand. The trefoil logo was designed to highlight the variety of products while keeping incorporating the famous three lines for which the company was quickly becoming known

10. Walmart

The Walmart logo is simple and straightforward, with a Sans-serif design. The lack of serifs, use of simple and thick lines, smooth angles, and lack of serifs are the key characteristics of this typeface. The redesigned Walmart logo represents the company’s new environmental philosophy. Solar panels were installed on the rooftops of the company’s buildings. They also convey a secret message: the founder’s belief in his project and the crucial business principles that enable it to succeed. Customers will likely find the product or service at Walmart, as the yellow star on the Walmart emblem depicts a ‘spark’ that represents a ‘lightbulb moment’ for them.