10 Well-Known Companies with Minimalist Logos

The aesthetic use of minimalism is attributed back to the Japanese. Their idea of “ma” which means the space between two objects is greatly used in their creative designs. Minimalism is a good choice if you want a logo that does a lot with a little. You might find inspiration in minimalist design ideas if you’re looking for a clean, modern logo to update your company.

The best thing about minimalist design is that it appeals to our natural brain functions. Rather than memorizing complicated images, our minds simplify them in order to store them in our memory. You may improve the memorability of your logo by doing this during the design phase. If you need an expert designer in planning for your business logo you might as well read some tips in hiring a logo designer to ensure thorough guidance in this aspect. 

Below are successful and luxurious companies that utilize a minimalist logo:

1. Apple

Apple is credited with inventing the concept of “extreme simplicity.” The popular logo design began as a detailed sketch that was eventually condensed to the fundamental symbol we recognize today. The color pattern was also stripped down, going from rainbow stripes to sleek monochromatic. 

Apple’s original logo design was thought to be incredibly difficult. The logo portrays Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity after an apple fell on his head. Ronald Wayne, Apple’s co-founder, developed the logo as a tribute to Isaac Newton.

This iconic minimalist logo is listed as one of the top 10 most popular logos in the world. 

2. Target

A target is just that: a target. When creating a logo for a company with a name like that, you won’t have many possibilities. The color, rather than the circles themselves, is most likely the most important aspect here.

People easily recognize this brand emblem even without the use of text or letters. Target’s brand is represented by a self-explanatory image consisting solely of red and white circles. It makes good use of white space, making it simple and appealing. The circular form they chose also gave the brand a sense of harmony.

3. Uber

Uber is an excellent example of a wordmark logo that incorporates minimalism. Instead of employing a monogram or symbol like other apps, they looked for the perfect, basic font. MCKL Type has become synonymous with the company.

12 years ago, this ride-hailing app has been available. The software’s logo has undergone several redesigns, each of which appears to be more current than the last. However, the current logo uses appropriate capitalization and a clean sans serif font. The monochrome text logo is likewise closely spaced to give it a compact appearance.


4. Nike

You can’t talk about minimalism without mentioning Nike. The ‘swoosh’ is frequently utilized in memorable, minimalist logos. It plays on the company’s namesake— the winged Greek goddess of victory. The simple design communicates movement and speed while also being full of meaning, making it distinctive. Nike’s logo is one of the best instances of minimalism in logo design. The ‘swoosh’ is an excellent example of a simple logo that has become timeless.

Carolyn Davidson, the emblem’s designer, received a pittance of $35 for her work. Carolyn envisioned the Greek goddess Nike while designing the logo reckoning back to her student life.

5. Mastercard

Mastercard’s financial design is unquestionably a pillar of the company, as it is one of the most famous minimalist designs. The basic red and orange circles represent interconnectedness and continuity. The circles are easily identifiable, thus Mastercard can use the image in place of any trademarked text while still conveying its ownership.

The East and West are represented by the two rings in the financial services organization. The company represents the future of spending with a Venn diagram. To depict oneness and seamlessness, it uses three colors. With the help of design agency Pentagram, the corporation changed its logo in 2018. MasterCard ditched the lettering in favor of a larger Venn diagram as their logo.


6. Uniqlo

Uniqlo offers its logo in two languages: Japanese and English. It frames the typography in both the English Alphabet and Katakana, a Japanese syllabary. It adopts the same color scheme as the national flag of its own country to reflect the coolness of Japanese culture.

On Japan’s flag, a bright saturated red circle on a white background depicts the sun, giving the color red deep importance to the Japanese. As a result, it’s hardly surprising that Uniqlo’s red and white logo conjures up images of Japan.

7. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, a premium lifestyle brand founded in 1854 in France, is one of the most recognizable names in the fashion world. Louis Vuitton specializes in high-end apparel for both men and women, as well as unique accessories.

This Louis Vuitton minimalist logo has a high-end brand achievement that perfectly balances simplicity and luxury. The little design features, such as the emphasized ‘L’ and the serif font, make the monogram logo memorable. Small decisions like this are what make simple designs so effective.


8. BMW

BMW, a German automobile manufacturer, has unveiled a new logo with a transparent and hollow interior. The former logo was three-dimensional and featured the three signature colors black, white, and blue, as well as a silver brand name. The new one is two-dimensional, with a white font color for the brand name, giving it a cleaner and minimalistic appearance.

9. Nissan

If you look closely at the Nissan logo, you’ll see that it’s not quite the same. Yes, beginning with the Ariya, the new Nissan emblem will appear on all future models. Interestingly, the update comes nearly 20 years after the Japanese manufacturer changed its emblem in 2001.

Nissan has also become more self-contained and is no longer related to the circle. Furthermore, the circle is no longer complete because minor gaps exist between the Nissan names. Therefore, we have a logo that is both minimalistic and modern.

10. Calvin Klein

The Calvin Klein emblem, like the Calvin Klein company itself, has a long and illustrious history. The insignia has undergone a facelift and has been refurbished, yet it still exudes the elegance and sophistication that Calvin Klein is known for.

The fashion brand debuted a new logo on Instagram in early 2017. While still conveying class and luxury, this design reflects Calvin Klein’s background and past. It balances minimalism and modernity, as well as grandeur and tradition.


To create a concise approach to brand identity, the iconic logos above choose simplicity and directness. When creating a logo, keep in mind that while it is a symbol of a company, it should not communicate the entire story. A logo design should convey a brand’s perception or suggestion. It should be easy to keep things simple when approaching a logo design in this manner.