Factors To Consider For Outsourced Sales Decisions

Factors To Consider For Outsourced Sales Decisions

The main reason why businesses choose to outsource sales is to ensure the job gets done without too much hassle. Typically, outsourcing helps you to grow your business by increasing sales. It also relieves you of some duties and allows you to focus on other important activities. Businesses that use outsourced sales … Read more

Marketing Defined Mocketing

mocketing mo·cket·ing [mah-ki-ting] noun, verb. 1. the act of selling with mock-ups. 2. pitching an advertising concept to a client or stakeholder using mock-ups. 3. “marketing” when said with an eastern New England accent.

Marketing Idea #53: Start a Sidewalk Sale

Marketing Ideas Sidewalk Sales

Just because you provide a service instead of a product, it doesn’t mean you can’t participate in sidewalk sales. Use sidewalk sales to: Get to know your neighborhood and its foot traffic. Educate the public on what you do. Survey the public for what they want. Get suggestions and ideas from people … Read more