How to Choose an SEO Agentur Company

Okay, so you now have a website, and now you need to get higher Google rankings (or other search engine rankings) so you can get more visibility and increase your revenue and popularity of other companies. When you need to do this, it’s crucial to think about hiring a quality SEO Agentur … Read more

15 Local SEO Tips Your Lazy Competitors Are Neglecting

Your lazy competitors are going to skip over a lot of little SEO factors that you need to think over before you are ready to set up your website and start a marketing plan.  Each step listed below can completely change how you market your business if you do it right. 1. … Read more

Effective SEO Content Strategy Tips to Improve Your Ranking

Effective SEO Content Strategy Tips to Improve Your Ranking

Today, all industries, businesses of any size are offering any type of products or things, with their websites in the top of Google’s search result pages. For this, businesses need to adopt a suitable SEO strategy depending on financial strength. This will help them rank sufficiently higher in search result pages. Is … Read more

Measure Your Content Correctly with Content KPIs

Measure Your Content Correctly with Content KPIs

What gets measured gets managed. Marketing is all arts and crafts. If you haven’t heard these statements as a content marketer at least once, you’re a part of a minority. What’s more, presenting an argument against the idea behind these statements was only possible until the digital age. Today, content marketers swear … Read more

Lead Generation in a Mobile World

lead generation in a mobile world

In the world of sales, there are two goals for your marketing plan: positive brand awareness and lead generation. Today’s internet-based society and mobile device usage has blended these two objectives into one overarching business conversation that needs to be navigated wisely to achieve the desired results. The New Landscape Online advertising … Read more

Website Duplicate Content – A Search Engine’s View

by Maura Stouffer Duplicate Content Detection, the process of detecting and scoring the correlation between two or more documents on the Web, is one of the more complex problems that Search Engines solve. Webmasters tend to overlook this issue because of its complex nature. In this article, I will briefly discuss how … Read more